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Every business wants to stand out in the marketplace. And every brand wants to be easily identifiable to its consumers. One sure way of achieving these two objectives is by having a good logo. But what exactly makes an excellent logo? Better yet, why don’t we start from the basics, what is a logo?

What Is A Logo?

A logo is defined as a mark or symbol that uniquely identifies a brand or company to its audience. It can be a monogram, emblem, letter mark, wordmark, combination mark, symbol, or icon.

The Purpose of a Logo

If designing a logo was easy and straightforward, businesses would be doing it themselves and not need to outsource the services of branding specialists. However, it is not that simple. There are specific elements of logo design that must be met for a logo to fulfill its purpose.

1. Functionality Vs. Beauty

Believe it or not, beauty is not a consideration when it comes to designing a logo. Yes, there is designing involved. However, the objective is not to create the most beautiful mark or symbol even seen. Rather, the objective is to summarize everything the business or organization is about in a single silhouette. What really matters to a business is if the logo works effectively and it doesn’t have to be an art masterpiece to do so. 

2. Identification Vs. Communication

One of the most emphasized points in branding is always to sell the story of your brand. And while a logo is the core element in your brand, its purpose is not to communicate the story of your brand. Its role is to identify your business. A logo is the period at the end of the sentence and not part of the sentence itself.

Qualities of a Good Logo

So what defines a good logo? What makes a logo viable? What makes it work. Here are three simple criteria a logo must pass through for it to have a strong core to your brand.

1. Appropriate Vs. Crowded

A logo is the core pillar of a brand; it needs to be the anchor that supports all other branding elements. It needs to portray the personality of the brand, reflect the appropriate feelings, and say just enough, not too much about the brand. The concept of your logo should be subtle yet effective. A good logo is that which encompasses the core feeling of the brand thus appropriate to the brand it represents. 

2. Distinctive Vs. Generic

When designing a logo, the end goal is always to create a symbol or mark that uniquely identifies a specific brand or business. Therefore, a good logo must be distinctive enough to be committed to memory and memorable enough that people can explain it or recreate it on a piece of paper, without easily confusing it for another.

3. Simple Vs. Complicated

In the words of the logo design guru, Paul Rand, the principal role of a logo is to identify, and simplicity is it means. When it comes to logos, simplicity refers to the ability of the logo to remain legible and pleasing irrespective of the size it is blown up or reduced to. Simplicity also refers to the ease in which a logo is adaptable for print on different materials such as cups, billboards, online, etc. A good logo should not have too much information but rather express itself in the most minimalist way possible without losing its element.

The Benefits of a Good Logo

As mentioned before, a logo is the foundation and core of a brand in which a business builds around to develop a powerful identity for itself. A good logo should provide you with the following benefits:

1. Brand Consistency

The true test of a logo design is in its ability to remain constant over time and still represent the brand, its values, and its vision as time progresses.

2. Brand Equity

A good logo should create a positive perception of your brand name to consumers, thus help you build your brand’s commercial value and eventually build your brand equity. 

3. Endurance over time

Even with changing times, emerging trends and popups of different styles, a good logo should surpass all these challenges and remain relevant and distinctive in its design year in year out.

The Big Take Away

As you can see, a logo is more than just a unique symbol to represent your business. A good logo is a simple symbol of your brand that stands out from other logos, is appropriate to your brand and is functional in making your business identifiable to consumers. The ultimate goal when designing a logo is to find the perfect balance between simplicity, distinctiveness, and appropriateness. And successful brands have been able to do so throughout the years.

Think about the exceptional sports brand, Nike. The logo is a simple tick that almost everybody can draw, yet this tick is iconic, memorable, and has been associated with the sports culture from one generation to the next. What about Emirates Airlines? The logo is in Arabic, but because of its distinctiveness and appropriateness to the brand, it is easily recognisable as one of the leading airlines in the world.

At Sirena Marketing, we know the secret to developing effective logos. We believe that a logo should not carry the full weight of the brand but rather present itself as the core of the brand. And getting it right sets the tone for the rest of the brand. As an agency, we have the knowledge, pedigree, and expertise to find the perfect balance for your logo design and build a powerful brand for your business.

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