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Not long ago, when retail stores and physical shopping were the order of the day, greeting shoppers with a friendly smile and welcome was one of the best strategies of enhancing a vibrant customer experience. This worked wonders in increasing sales as customers felt important and truly appreciated. Do you know why it worked wonders? This was a time when there were no emails, no social media, no Netflix, no, no Spotify, no Hulu, no Pandora and all these digital platforms and online retail stores. While this shop-front courtesy and strategy worked tremendously well back then, it has taken a back seat and is presently considered outdated now that the world is at a changing phase – that of the Experience Web – where connecting with shoppers and enhancing a dynamic customer experience in a faceless digital environment is paramount.

It is clearly true that the digital revolution is increasingly transforming and altering shopping experience. Brands and marketers have to find proper and successful ways of engaging and communicating with their audience beyond the traditional shop-front hello’. One of the most important ways of connecting and interacting with clients is through personalization. Being able to customize desired products, down to every single detail, according to your taste is crucial for the enhancing the customer experience and making it even more dynamic. Basically, personalization is all about providing a better customer experience by recognizing clients as individuals and treating them in a way that they feel important, unique, appreciated and understood.

Whether you are sending out an email campaign, placing an ad or creating a social media content, one thing should never be in doubt; it should be in the best interest of your brand to make sure that the message resonates well with the client’s preferences,specific needs and more importantly, communicates to each of your clients on an individual level. Why? Because creating and sending extremely appropriate and personalized messages are known to produce a considerably higher ROI.


Joining the Bandwagon

As technology advances and becomes more significant in our day-to-day lives, businesses are now reacting having realized that customer behaviors and expectations are shifting in accordance to these technological changes. From online retailers and high-end car manufacturers to fast-food giants and high-street bookies, it now seems like almost all brands across the board are now jumping on the personalization bandwagon. In fact, personalization is one of the major digital trends that brands are focusing on today. This is because personalization not only provides a more dynamic customer experience, but also because it has the most important effect on advocacy and customer loyalty.

It is with all these sudden interest in personalization, as well as with advances in technology, sophisticated online experiences and custom mails that digital marketing departments are now under immense pressure to generate better response rates through effective personalization. As a crucial digital marketing strategy and one of the most vital pillars of digital advertising, marketers and brands can no longer ignore personalization. They no longer have the room to overwhelm clients with boring welcome letters, bill statements or those all too familiar printed statements that surely make it no further than the clients’ junk folder or worst still, the trash.

Instead, brands and marketers have realized the importance of personalization and that they have to reach humans, not inboxes. They are now – more than ever – hell-bent on ensuring that personalized messages go above and beyond just including a client’s name in an email or letter. Therefore, here are some ideas for brands and digital marketers on how to use personalization to create more customer loyalty, increase sales, generate more value over time and more importantly, provide a more dynamic customer experience.


A Very Powerful Tool to Drive Engagement

There is no doubt that personalization is a very powerful tool in boosting brand engagement with both potential and established clients. It is a well-proven tool in driving the brand’s value and ultimately ensuring that readers – or clients for that matter – keep coming back. In such a digital world and competitive market, clients expect content that is useful, relevant, engaging and tailored based on their individual preferences and specific locations. Failure to do so, they can turn to a brand that can do just that. That is why brands and marketers should always strive to create personalized messages that appeal to each individual customer’s needs and preferences.


Personalization Helps in Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time

Delivering the right message to the right person at exactly the right time, using the right channel is one of the most crucial marketing mantras. Even though brands and marketers usually focus on the use of emails in the sense that it is easy and direct, there are other ways to be explored. For instance, delivering a highly-relevant personalized message to a customer’s phone through a mobile application or mobile-friendly website is far more effective. Brands and marketers should therefore, consider exploring these channels while still ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right person at exactly the right time.


Enhancing Customer Experience through Dynamic Videos

Using new technologies that are now readily available, it is possible for brands and marketers to access each individual customer data and personalize it into a unique and compelling video. Using personalization in such a way can hugely increase customer engagement and experience. These videos should be presented in a friendly and easy-to-digest way to reach full potential.

The use of such videos will surely help brands and marketers establish a warmer relationship with clients and would definitely foster customer appreciation. This will not only create a culture where brands deeply care about their clients, but the clients will also feel that the brands seem to know them more that they know themselves.


Using Personalization to Measure and Manage Data in Real-Time

There is nothing more satisfying to a customer than having their issues and questions sorted out in real-time. Many brands are now taking personalization a notch higher by using technology such as mobile apps to help their clients navigate through online stores, while also answering questions and sorting out problems in real-time. This boosts customer experiences as clients feel that the brands truly care about them, thereby connecting more with the brands.


The Big Takeaway

Customer experience is king. In this age of social media, an unhappy client with a negative customer experience can instantly damage a brand. Through social media, this client can tell countless others of his/her negative experience and before you know it; the issue becomes a topic of public discussion, thus damaging the brand’s reputation. This is why personalization is very important in cultivating and enhancing a positive customer experience; thus can no longer be ignored.

Fortunately, the availability of modern technology offers an incredible platform for brands and marketers to take advantage of personalization like never before. They are now able to personalize their home pages, calls-to-actions and emails so as to create and send messages that are specifically tailored to the individual engaging with it. This ultimately provides a more dynamic customer experience, create loyalty and generate more sales.

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