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Da Sneaker Vault

By Sirena Marketing

Da Sneaker Vault is an online sneaker marketplace, offering an exclusive platform for the European market. They are a newly established business, but highly experienced and versatile when it comes to handling sneakers.

Founder and CEO of Sneaker Vault, Bambos Georgiades has assigned us with the task of designing and developing his online sneaker marketplace by December 2018. We were beyond excited to undertake this project, not only because of the nature of the project itself, but because we also have a few sneaker heads on our team that can’t wait to get on this platform and use it to buy some kicks.

In this project Sirena Marketing will be providing a multi-faceted strategy for the brand, social media, and the content. We will also be providing web design & development, branding and logo design, copywriting, photography and social media management.

The Brand

Da Sneaker Vault represents a culture that dates back to the 1970s. The hiphop culture resonated of art. Developing the brand had to resemble everything the hip hop culture embodies from art, fashion, and style.

Moreover, the brand had to capture the core elements and essence of the business, which is a sneaker marketplace, an online platform that allows sneaker enthusiasts to sell their valuable sneakers through.

After weeks of research, creative and art direction, practical sketches, and just going back and forth with the client, we have developed the jewel of the brand. The “Da Sneaker Vault” logo. It resembled everything the client wanted, from highlighting the main element in the brand name, to capturing the essence of the hiphop culture. The calligraphy style, the color pallet, and overall design, were all on point, and fit the bill perfectly for the client.

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