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Bio Spiti

By Sirena Marketing

Bio Spiti is one of the first and most renowned organic grocery store in Cyprus. Established in 2009, Bio Spiti is the creation of many years of passion and experience in the organic food sector. They serve only the finest, and widest variety of organic products that come directly from farms that use strict methods to grow fresh and organic produce.

Founder and CEO of Bio Spiti, Elena Zacharidou approached us with a request to freshen up her brand identity, assist and maintain her social media platforms. Elena has had success using word of mouth, and conventional methods of marketing her shop since 2006. However, she realized the vitalness of digital and social media, and wanted to adapt to the change, to maintain that level of success.

In this project Sirena Marketing will be providing a branding and social media strategy. We shall be redesigning the logo and introduce identity systems. Furthermore, we shall be posting and engaging with the Bio Spiti to attract more of our target audience.

Presentation of the Brand Identity

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