It would be beneficial for successful company seniors and entrepreneurs to provide value of their experience to reach their success and provide knowledge to younger entrepreneurs that aspire to be like their idols in those senior positions that have driven multi million dollar companies to success.) practitioners

Data and information today has become the most dynamic formula to develop knowledge for entrepreneurs that aspire to become leaders in their own field. With today’s advancements in technology, data sharing and transfer of knowledge, from one person to another, has become easier thanks to the internet and social media platforms. However, it’s not always sufficient or convenient for young entrepreneurs looking to establish their own startup company. Majority of data or information can be accessed through a library of data or paid webinars or other forms of databases that charge for you to use their information. Not only do young entrepreneurs find this inconvenient, but also a lot of times, the data is not all there and information is often insufficient. Being able to provide value, from one entrepreneur to another, about the topic at hand, for their particular field, can help young entrepreneurs flourish and have the knowledge to build something meaningful and inspiring to go along with their creativity and skill. Often times, young entrepreneurs aspire to be like, and look up to other big name entrepreneurs, and idolise them. Therefore, creating some form of value and give back to those young ones that are just coming out of college, is highly valuable as they provide a lot of practitioner-ship advice and knowledge that schools don’t often teach you. Throughout this article, we will discuss the benefits of such platform and how it can bring value to today’s generation of entrepreneurs. We will also discuss some setbacks that may affect that concept and how it can be countered moving forward.

Why Is Information Sharing So Important?

Getting Valuable Knowledge

When you’re a fresh university graduate or even a seasoned professional at your craft, looking to become an entrepreneur and leading your own business to success is a different ball game. Ideas and creativity alone are not enough to formulate success. Knowledge and valuable insight from industry leaders that have been in your shoes, and have transformed into successful entrepreneurs, would definitely come in handy. The reason is because they have been there and have done that. I mean look at Mark Zuckerberg for example, one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial success stories in our modern age. He left school to build his dream that was just an idea and a concept in his head. Until now, he’s facing difficulties running and managing the business. Proper knowledge can lead to quality business decisions which would lead to success. But the key word here is knowledge. Without knowledge, business decisions may lead to catastrophic outcomes and ruin one’s career. For example, the decision to share information with Cambridge Analytica, came as a catastrophic decision for Mark because he lacked proper knowledge of how to manage the situation at that point in time. Therefore, having the ability to share and bounce ideas with industry leaders to gain some perspective on how your knowledge matches up to theirs, is a crucial building block to your success as an entrepreneur.

Growing Connections/Network

Being able to communicate with industry piers is an excellent way to grow the community and society around a particular industry. Not only would you gain valuable knowledge, whether you’re an industry leader or a startup entrepreneur, you also grow your network and connections with other industry colleagues. This not only helps you keep in contact about new developments in the field, but also allows the industry, as a community, to grow and become superior among other industries. It also allows entrepreneurs within the same industry grow and advance. Being able to bounce fresh ideas and share among each other helps in innovation and advancements within the industry. Furthermore, not only does this allow you to get on the right path, but sharing information also grows your credibility among your piers and industry. This builds trust towards your brand and in return allows potential clients to think highly of your capabilities. This kind of network marketing where knowledge is the basis of your promotion, is a great way to establish yourself on the market, and grow in leads and sales.

Enhanced My Skills 

one of the skills that all the fresh graduators and ambitious will benefit from is speaking, presenting and leading offline — except for all the ways that it is different, and thats the most important n a business perspective .

Videoconferencing, webinar, online meeting and Internet video broadcasting technologies have been democratised in the last few years with the advent of free to inexpensive cloud and social media services for sharing video or sharing your screen, with chat as a back channel for questions and comments. Everyone now has ready access to these technologies, but that is not the same as knowing how to use them effectively.

Growing Confidence

Growing confidence as entrepreneur, as a business man, improves communication skills and getting to interact and share your mindset with experienced elites in your market. This helps you know if your mind is in the right place and shows you as an entrepreneur what you need to work on from a mindset side. Bouncing off ideas and getting feedback from industry leaders, lets you know where you are and gives you the confidence to advance in the right direction psychologically, and this helps grow your confidence as you grow in experience in your field.

Resource Sharing

Appealing to different cultures is probably the most important and most difficult thing of all. A lot of entrepreneurs strategize to their culture and assume that just because it’s the 21st century, that everybody can understand or change their culture to a more modernised culture that adapts to their message. However, that’s not true. The key to global success has always been adapting to the culture of different countries. Take McDonald’s for example, they have customised their menus in every single country or region to appeal to the tastes, traditions and norms of that culture. You will not find the same menu in different countries, with the exception of the Big Mac and signature meals. Talking to industry leaders, and gaining knowledge and perspective on how to effectively communicate with your target audience in different countries, is a valuable asset to have. This also works both ways. Some entrepreneurs from across the globe can share perspectives on their culture and traditions, which come as great benefit. Even for industry leaders, a lot of time they get it wrong and the message gets ignored because they misunderstood the traditions of this country, and did not understand it or adapt to it properly. Therefore, personal insights can be a lot more valuable than googling or finding case studies online. Reality is often different from our perception, and that is a great marketing and overall business advantage to have, whether you’re a startup, SME, or global enterprise.

Big Takeaway

Web conferencing may be used as for various types of online collaborative services including web seminars real time , point to point, In general, web conferencing is made possible by internet technologies, particularly on TCP/IPconnections. technology  today teach us the ,, straight to the point ,, , no time for waist because time is money so thats the perfect start ups meetings with les money les time and also better info and thanks to technology and google pricvacy we have a room disclosure conversations .

also the firsts meetings stress is more casual because out teenagers today use social media and they are more use to it then actual meetings .

Collaboration is on of the biggest educational form af all times!

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