LUX Lounge

Lux is an establishment inspired only by the finest aspects in life. It is built on three essential foundational pillars; service, smoke and experience. Service at Lux is nothing short of world class, provided with delicate and impeccable attention to detail. Beverages are created and curated with the utmost care, using the freshest ingredients and best-in-class liqueur. Shisha is curated to perfect using the finest tobacco with incredible flavors, infused harmoniously to produce exquisite tastes and breathtaking vibe. Experience is simply; unforgettable. Tailor-made to indulge all your desires, merging expectation with reality, and leaving an imperishable memory.


Nolu's Restaurants

A delightful blend of healthy American cuisine with an Afghani twist. Nolu's is a big name in the culinary industry with seven branches spread out across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Aviation Solutions And Partners (ASAP)

Aviation Solutions And Partners (ASAP) is an aviation service provider with the aim to provide quality services in all industries seeking air support. With over 50 years in the aviation industry, the founders of ASAP have put together a masterplan to disrupt the aviation industry by partnering up with key industry players to deliver top-of-the-line solutions to various segments. These segments include but is not limited to, cargo, air travel, emergency, and engineering. The brand originally was inspired by the beautiful island of Aruba and its breath-taking waters. This also presented a suitable match in terms of the color pallet that was aligned with the company’s vision, mission and core values.

RW Marine Services

Prime Limo

Duik Combinatie Noordersluis (DCN)

Da Sneaker Vault

Bio Spiti

Bio Spiti is one of the first and most renowned organic grocery store in Cyprus. Established in 2009, Bio Spiti is the creation of many years of passion and experience in the organic food sector. They serve only the finest, and widest variety of organic products that come directly from farms that use strict methods to grow fresh and organic produce.

In A Rush

In A Rush is a online hosting service provider based in Sweden. They offer fast, reliable, and secure hosting services, tailored to the customer’s needs and easy to setup. They have been established since 2017 and have grown rapidly ever since. Now they are looking for an identity that can interact effectively with their audience and reflect on who they are as a brand.