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Building a strong brand as startup entrepreneur or business owner may seem like a doubtful proposition especially in this hyper-competitive era. However, it’s important to note that building a strong brand is one of an integral part of a successful business. Branding is a way for you to define your business identity to yourself, your team and your audience. It embodies the core of what the business is about and its values, not just the way it sounds or looks like.

Building a strong brand result from many benefits especially for startups. Building a great brand is just like when two people fall in love. When people emotionally connect with your business, it leads to better brand differentiation, loyalty and eventually higher sales. A good brand leads to advocacy, loyalty, enhanced customer experience, higher value and even protects your prices when your competitors are using promotional discounts to drive sales. A strong brand is all that you need to take your business to another level.


9 Ways to Build a Powerful Brand for your Business

  1. Get Your Name Right

The name of your business will naturally become the core component of your identity. Make sure that the name you chose will reflect the mission of your startup and also distinguish you from your competitors. Unless your business name emphasizes the meaning of your startup, it will not leave a mark in the minds of your consumers. It is important to choose a perfect name while you are still operating as a small business otherwise it will be very difficult to change once your business starts growing.

  1. Define Your Purpose

Ensure that your startup has a purpose and not just making some false promises. Highlight the reasons you choose to start your business, outline the reasons why your business is different from competitors and what is unique about your products or service. The reasons for launching your business must be impactful to your target market.

  1. Get Your Message Right

You can have just a simple message, but it will represent the mission and vision of your startup business not only externally but also internally. Most companies do not think about spreading the message within the business. This leaves confused and unmotivated employees who do not exactly know what to do and what their goal is. It is very vital for your employees to understand the brand’s identity and the direction it is heading. Moreover, your message should be consistent across all platforms so that people can build confidence and faith in your business.

  1. Create a Connection Through and Emotional Voice

To build a strong and successful brand, you need to be able to create an emotional brand that can establish a relationship with the audience. Remember that your potential customers mostly rely on the power of a product to evoke emotions for them to make a purchasing decision. Using this strategy to build your brand makes your audience feel as if they are part of a larger community. This strategy is also commonly used by marketers to create loyal customers. Don’t keep on talking about your business endeavors, only put messages that appeal to the emotions of your audience.

  1. Create Creative and Original Content

Content marketing and content always go hand in hand. Branding a startup business is all about marketing creative, original and fresh content. While creating your brand, you should always aim for unique, high quality and relevant content. When you hear of Coca-Cola,
you think of an energy drink. This is because Coca-Cola has done a great job in branding and setting the tone for who they are, what they represent, and the values they want to be able to deliver to enhance the customer experience.

  1. Communicate Well With Your Customers

Train your employees on how to properly communicate with your customers. Effective and well-mannered communication goes an extra mile in winning the royalty of the customers and retaining them. Customers are a foundation of any business and cultivating a good relationship with them will go a long way to making a brand successful.

  1. Prepare and Monitor Your Online Presence

One of the best ways through which you can build an online presence is by setting up a personal blog to help you claim your name online. Blogs are an awesome way to bring traffic to your business, create great content that can bring traffic to your website and boost its search engine rankings. As such, consider purchasing a domain name that reads “” or a relevant variation and setting up a website that describes your competences and fortes.

Besides, be very keen to search your name or identity on search engines which help you track what others say about you. Also, you can choose to set up a Google Alert service to help you know when people mention anything about you or your identity online.

  1. Embrace Social Media

Another great way to create a brand is through the social media. There are a variety of social media platforms where you can easily build your business brand today. Some of the key platforms include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. In the past few years, the perception of these platforms has changed from sites that were used merely for social and chatting functions to ones that can now be relied upon by companies for marketing and branding purposes. Twitter, for example, is one of the key social media platforms today that boasts of a huge user base, thereby making it an ideal option when positioning your business brand online. When leveraged professionally and employing efficient means such as using a Twitter software to increase audience organically, the platform can be used to cast a far-reaching net and easily enhance the visibility of your business brand online. Create good content that your audience will have no otherwise but to respect the greatness of your brand.

  1. Participate in Professional Associations or Forums Online

There are hundreds I not thousands of online professional groups and forums today where people share their expertise and help each other solve various problems. All that you need is to join relevant websites and forums where you can reach large numbers of your targeted audience and create a following there. For this, you’ll need to contribute to various online discussions and offer expert help on topics and areas you’re well-conversant with. Some of the best online forums today include Reddit and Quora.

Big Takeaway

Creating a strong and successful business brand calls for intelligence, planning, persistence and a considerable amount of time and effort. By using the tips outlined above, you can quickly improve and build your brand as a startup.

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