The introduction of the Instagram direct feature is the reason why Instagram DM will be the best business development tool in 2018. Previously, users could only carry out limited tasks through the Instagram DM such as sending a simple text and regular-shaped pictures. With the new Instagram Direct feature, there is no limitation on picture shapes. The feature has enabled the sending of videos, photos and also clickable links. Users can now send public messages or a private one to a group of with up to 15 people. The recipients can only be your followers and those people you follow. With the new feature, one gets a notification once the recipient views the photo or shared video. It also takes the conversation further by allowing users to like content sent to direct message.


7 Reasons Why Instagram Business Development Tool

  1. Advertising

The introduction of Instagram Direct is a leading factor towards successful adverts. Unlike in the past when users could only send cropped pictures through the DM, they can now share any photo regardless of size or shape. What’s more is that it is now possible to post links to personal websites or products through the DM. Initially, it was also hard to determine whether the recipient has viewed the message or not. Currently, there is a new feature that shows whether the recipient has viewed the message. The new feature is beneficial to businesses since it helps them focus on building relationships with the people who seem interested in their products other than spending effort on unresponsive users.

Instagram direct messages help businesses generate leads. Through hashtags and trends, they can find people who may be interested in their products or those that follow accounts similar to theirs. Through direct messages, they can also see updates of people who post problems that they can solve.

  1. Acquiring a new client

Unlike in the past when the Instagram DM was a no-go zone for businesses, it is one of the most effective social media marketing tool. However, to benefit from it, there is a great need to exercise caution. For instance, it is vital to get rid of generic messages since in most cases people do not read them. Most people regard generic messages as spam. Therefore, they can do more harm than good. Instead, send personalized messages since they are the best ways to reach out to a prospective client because they show some level of concern to the receiver.

  1. Connecting with industry influencers

Reviews, features or posts about a business by famous bloggers and industry influencers is a great way to boost credibility and reach out to a bigger audience. However, connecting with such industry celebrities is a hassle since their inboxes may be full which can make the chances of reading your message slim. Direct messages come in handy to eliminate the hassle of reaching out to such influential persons. Through direct messages, businesses can send bite-sized content with visual which is a powerful way to establish the initial engagement.

  1. Providing exclusive updates to followers

Posting business photos behind the scenes is a perfect way to strengthen the connection with the target audience. Businesses can keep things personal by providing followers with an elusive look at the company since it makes them feel special. For instance, when launching a new product, businesses can select a group of customers and inform them first which can be a way of thanking them for choosing their company. It can serve as a way to encourage them to continue offering their support.

  1. User-generated content

Negative or positive reviews can take the form of Instagram posts. For instance, users may voice their discontent about a product or service through an Instagram post. On the other hand, happy customers may post about a product or a service you offered such a beautiful lawn that you serviced. Through direct messages, businesses can reach out to such users privately to request permission to use their commentary or photos for commercial services. Using such kind of posts as testimonials or case studies is a perfect way to expand businesses by reaching out to new customers. Direct messages eliminate the hassle of adding another mail to their client’s inbox and helps them acquire what they want in a simple way.

  1. Nurturing relationships

There are no limits to creativity when using the direct messages. Therefore, it is a perfect way to keep the flame alive whether talking to existing or new customers. Companies can use the Instagram DM to follow-up with new clients. It is also a perfect avenue for personalized conversations such as letting them know that they love their work or notifying them about products or services they offer. It also allows businesses to connect with a group of people either through the online platform or by meeting in person especially at an event.

  1. Rewarding top followers

It takes effort and time to have loyal and engaged followers. Therefore, it is important to go an extra mile to make sure that such followers do not lose their interest and dedication. There is a great need to reward such followers since they are advocates for your brand. Top followers spread the word about companies through liking their posts immediately, sharing their content frequently, and offering support and feedback through comments. The Instagram DM is an excellent avenue for businesses to show such followers their appreciation. For instance, they can send them a private thank you message. They can also send them a surprise-behind the scene photo or tell them that they have won a spot price.


Big Takeaway

Instagram direct messages offer a unique environment for communication. It helps businesses achieve their objectives through reactivating dormant followers, obtaining new leads and increasing social media engagement. The incorporation of the Instagram Direct feature eases the process of sharing links, pictures, and videos. The ability engage followers with ease places the impact of Instagram Social media marketing one step ahead of the rest.

With the firm popularity of Instagram in the social media space, any well thought out upgrade is poised to attract more users and make usability more convenient and especially offer something businesses can certainly gain from.

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